The End of the Blog?

I’ve been going over and over it: whether to stop writing on the blog or not.

Let me back up first and tell you the good news. I’ve been going to interviews for a position with an online newspaper for 1-2 months. I was contacted by someone I’d interviewed with at this paper 1-2 years ago who remembered me and said, while I wasn’t cut out to be a journalist because I write features stories, I was cut out for this position. She asked me to apply.

I did. I went through a few interviews, and I got the job.

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am. You see, this job will mean something. You know how much I adore writing for magazines but can’t supplement my entire income on just those freelance pieces, so I have to continue working with other clients, too? Well, this basically allows me to do those features stories full-time and still work from home.

I’m going to be an obituary writer. But not an ordinary one. I won’t be just listing the facts; I’ll be following up with the families and loved ones to create a story out of that person’s life. It could be the only thing ever written about them. It could be something to ease the pain of loss for those left behind.

It’s a dream job I didn’t even know was there.

The thing is, I still love my magazines. I had to give up one of them, but the other two I’m keeping. I’ll still be working with Wilma and Outreach NC, and working for one other client when he needs me. I hope and pray I don’t have to give those up and that I can do them in my off hours because I love it so much, but hopefully you now see the dilemma.

This job is new. I’m not taking over for anyone else, I’m the first to do it for them. Because of this, I’ll be establishing relationships in all 3 cities the company is based in, traveling when needed, and getting a feel for the job through trial and error. I’m trying to get ahead as much as possible with my freelance work before the start date Labor Day weekend, but it’ll still be a trying time.

Because of this, I’m considering laying the blog aside.

I’d like your input.

The other option is to lay it aside for now and pick it up when everything settles down in a couple of months. When I pick it back up, it would probably be geared towards a different avenue and not focused on food, since we’ve pretty much left that focus behind anyway.

Weigh in on the comment section and let me know what you think. Keep it and revisit later? Or just let it go and move on?

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